Our technology partners provide the best industry solutions for an efficient online presence and a successful social media strategy.

The innovation factory :

Located at the heart of the Campus Cluster Paris, the factory is the 1st digital innovation cluster. It brings together an eclectic public of entrepreneurs, companies, brands, PME partners and students from the Web School Factory.

The Innovation Factory has created dedicated working spaces between partners and students to allow for group creation.

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adetem logo

ADETEM (Association nationale des professionnels des études et du marketingis a non-profit organization that offers a place for its adherents to share experiences and professional meetings. It benefits from a highly-qualified professional network composed of directors, marketers and experts. With more than 1500 adherents in several industry sectors and covering the most important companies such as the PME(?), l’ADETEM is the only non-profit organization that manages to reunite all marketing professionals.

Be Angels manages ADETEM events web sites and blogs, and supports the communication for their most relevant events ( Adetem Marketing Factory, Nuit du Marketing.)

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Webleads Tracker is a full web IP-tracking marketing btob, developed by Smartline systems. Webleads Tracker helps you to analyze your internet traffic in real time and to identify which kind of clients are showing interest in your products and services. This tool helps you to target the right clients at the right time.

Be Angels will guide you through the settings and use of Getplus on a daily basis.

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Synomia provides world-class technology developed at CNRS that helps corporations to understand customer needs, using a big data approach to analyse large textual datasets. Using Synomia, companies can take the best decision based on smart data and customer insights. Be Angels helps you configure and use Synomia for your business.

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Evenium is a world-class web and mobile event management platform. The mobile app ‘Evenium ConnexMe’, interacts with the guests in real time during the given event, allowing for more networking opportunities.

Be Angels helps you configure and manage Evenium for a better event experience.

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ami logo

Ami Software is the technology leader in solutions for competitive intelligence (on the technological, market, online, image and e-reputation fields) and economical intelligence (strategic planning intelligence.) The products developed by AMI Software assist companies on anticipating market evolutions, helping them to identify and analyze pertinent and useful data.

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Q3 logo

 Q3 is the top French platform for Advocacy Marketing. Once you add Q3 to your CRM or to your loyalty program, you will be able to monitor your database with your satisfied and most influential clients- your brand’s advocate. You can monitor their satisfaction, boost your e-reputation and increase your word-of-mouth customer acquisition.

Be Angels will help you with the settings and the utilization of your projects with the Q3 AMP platform.

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