Training objectives

Social media and digital marketing have tremendously changed the relationship between corporations, brands and their audiences. Communication strategies have to be multi-directional, with a strong focus on multi-canal. Being social is much more than opening a Facebook page or a Twitter account: it requires a global vision, and a strong commitment and a focus on consistency on multiple channels.

This training program aims at developing your digital teams expertise, on all the platforms involved in your marketing strategy implementation, from web marketing to community management. It focuses on real practices like leadership development, lead generation, customer support, e-reputation or digital PR.


A panorama of social media platform that first the corporate needs blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. Hands-on usability and functionalities.
Focus on real-life scenarios: content strategy, lead generation, customer support, e-reputation, and digital events, web TV, bloggers relations or digital PR.
Performance evaluation and return on investment.

Targeted audience

Community managers, social media managers, marketing directors, marketing managers, communication directors, communication managers, PR managers.


1 day on site


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