Training teams is part of Be Angels mission. Since 2009, we’ve trained more than 500 people, members of management, marketing, communication, sales or HR team, in more than 50 companies.

Training programs

Social media certification covers everything your social media and community management team need to know to create and manage social media marketing programs.
Social selling certification covers every topic your sales team need to develop leads and increase sales using social media appropriately.
Social Ads certification covers every aspect of advertising on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, to increase your share of voice and develop your awareness.
Top management training and coaching will foster your corporate strategy by bringing digital marketing at the core of your business.

Be Angels +

Certified trainers
Customizable training programs
Online webinars and training sessions
A strong commitment towards performance and operational efficiency
Training sessions on your site, with attendance from 2 to many 12 participants
Individualized coaching sessions for top management