Street Art is the New Billboard

Let’s take this to the streets, a public space where everyone goes about their way. Throughout ‘the streets’ there is one thing all cities share and that is street art. There may exist a feud between street artists and graffiti artists but one thing they both have in common is their commercial branding techniques. Whether it is tagging your name or having a trademark to cover the city with, these are methods of gaining recognition and exposure that brands can capitalize on. Face it-it’s the hip thing to do.


Step 1- Pair up with an artist

You need a message through art and what better way than to pair up with the right artist i.e. one that shares your common values. For example, take a vegan apparel line, they would hire a street artist that aligns with their beliefs, like MeatBone. He has the personal touch and style to make the brand unique and standout. Meat Bone references human relationships with animals and how pop culture plays into how we view and treat animals. A meat enthusiast artist could be a PR disaster for the vegan apparel line.


Step 2- Method of delivery

How to spread your brand’s message so it is to impactful to the target audience. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts MeatBone, an alias that the artist goes by lives, and works in Montreal, Canada. MeatBone expresses his work digitally and through paint on various surfaces such as paper, wood, and outdoor walls. He has legal ways or by commissioned work like for this bike shop. Street art is a head turner giving you that competitive edge.


Step 3- Goal:

Many artists are against commercialization but some view it as vital for survival because everyone wants to make a living doing something they love. From the streets to a gallery is a goal of some but most street artists prefer to remain underground and not adhere to the mainstream. To partner with popular brands or get commissioned for murals. Series of labels are possible for commodities as well that are seasonal and works of art. The more it pops, the more likely it is to be lnstagrammed and get you recognized by more consumers including the artists’ following.


What to learn

Their techniques are more than just cost efficient but effective at raising awareness for their cause. Their artistic ways target the younger generations because of their non-conformance to the general advertising campaigns. Pairing up with street artists appeals to the rebellious youth that are numb to traditional marketing. There is a sense of creative freedom that defies basic advertising and serves another purpose: to be visually appealing. Brands should approach artist with no expectations and give them the freedom to use their talent. The brand should be embedded within and not the sole reason for the masterpiece.  Street art is a win-win for the artist and the brand.



Lauren Megrelis

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