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According to l’INSEE, France is ranked 4th worldwide in consumption of perfume, hygiene, and cosmetic products. And we need to bridge the gap from healthcare to e-health! Indeed, skin care has repercussions on your general health condition. E-health solutions exist to take care of yourself in all circumstances: suspicious of damaging cosmetic ingredients, beauty treatments to reduce chemo side effects or even a smart sun screen. We give you all the solutions to be beautiful with e-health!

Clean Beauty, the app that allows you to scan product ingredients

Imagine yourself in a perfumery, you see a cream that fits your needs. However, you are health-conscious and worry about potential negative side effects from all the ingredients: allergens, endocrine interrupters, paraben … The list of ingredients are obscure and incomprehensible, so not so easy to recognize. Clean Beauty is the solution to the problem! Launched by the organic cosmetic brand Officinea, it’s a free app that detects harmful ingredients on any beauty product. Clean Beauty responds to a real need, since according to the brand « a woman applies more than 100 petrochemical based ingredients on her skin ».


In practice, all you have to do is download the app, take photos of the ingredients on the product’s label and Clean Beauty does the rest! This beauty app/health app analyses the list and detects harmful or controversial substances. With time, you will begin to realise that unfortunately few beauty products are « clean »!

A cosmetics blog for woman affected by cancer

Both of the founders were deeply affected when their family members underwent cancer treatment, leading these recent grads to create the first cosmetics line dedicated entirely to women overcoming cancer. The website « Même » for « even in sickness, I love myself and feel loved » – offers products that are specifically adapted to combat chemotherapy side effects.


These cosmetics allow sick women to have access to products especially made for them and their pain. Beyond the calming the side effects, these products can preserve their femininity while restoring their self-confidence. As a blog was created to give advice on health, beauty, to sick women: for example, it is possible to find articles on make removal with hyper sensitive skin. You can find all these beauty products on their website here!

Smart Sunscreen to combat skin cancer

Australia has the highest number of skin cancer incidences in the world. To combat against sun damage a smart cream was created: ReApply Reminder, a tube of sun screen connected by Bluetooth to the user’s phone.

Whenever you open the lid, the app gathers data like temperature, the location of the sun, or UV radiation. With this data, the alarm calculates when to go off for reapplication of sun screen. ReApply Reminder is a smart object that allows you to conserve your beauty but still have a nice tan without any health worries.

Finally, like we told you, physical appearance and e-health are interlinked. At a first glance, these two subjects seem contradictory, you think beauty is superficial! However, in the case of recovering women, self-care allows them to rediscover a less sickly looking reflection in the mirror. E-health and beauty together can also play a role in prevention like in skin cancer. And are you convinced enough by the apps and smart objects?


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