These smart devices can help you lose weight!


According to the world health organisation, being overweight affects about 1.4 million people around the world. Therefore, the simple question of physical appearance and obesity is a public health concern that creates diseases such as cholesterol and diabetes… etc.  However, there are solutions to help: the fork, mug, and scale are all true allies to losing weight!

Eat slower thanks to this smart fork

Taking the time to chew allows for a better digestion and gives you that full feeling. Ideally, you need to respect a 10 second delay between bites.  And yet, it seems impossible to slow down? HAPIfork is for you!

Developed by the SlowControl company, the method behind the magical fork is simple: during the meal it calculates, the numbers of bites per minute, and the time between each bite. If the meal is eaten too fast, the fork will vibrate as a reminder to slow down. The gathered data is available on the app and allows you to track your progress.

hapifork-jeud-e-sante health

Slow control has even developed forks for babies to help parents feed them! if you are sold on them, you can buy your digital fork for 49.90€.

Smart mug that recognizes your drink

For all of the smart devices that exist in everyday life, there is one that is missing! The smart mug  Vessyl can distinguish and analyse the liquid content. In fact, it examines the quantity, the amount of caffeine, and how many calories. According to the creators, Mark One, the mug can even differentiate Coke from Pepsi!

Vessyl, resembles a simple gadget that has a true health purpose: it allows the user to know if they are hydrated enough throughout the day or if they have consumed too much alcohol. So, it’s no longer necessary to remember how much you drank since the mug is in charge of it for you!

health tasse-connectee-vessyl

A useful tool that detects even other sources of hydration like from fruits and vegetables or example. It is possible to purchase the Vessyl for 99$ on the company’s website.

The Smart Health Monitor  

Here is another smart device that could help you lose weight. MyBiody is not just any ordinary smart scale. Developed and created in France, the device is even supported by public institutions like the Health Ministry (proof it’s effective)!

This tool allows for a complete check-up and a personal follow up of your condition. Several indicators are analysed: hydration (in addition to Vessyl!), the mussel masse, fat tissue, bone density, daily calorie needs, and the body’s equilibrium (bodies’ general condition).

This monitor is the first of its kind that allows a smart weight tracking. For example, it is harder to starting working out after noticing some weight gain, which can be discouraging. In this case, MyBiody can show you if you have gained some mussel weight and not just all fat. Yes, apart from the deterrent price (198€) if you are interested by this smart object, you can find it on the company website.

It can certainly help lose weight and even be conscious of regular abuse of bad habits (alcohol or tobacco …) it’s not magic! Using these smart devices needs to be followed by a well-balanced diet as well as regular physical activity. Do you think these smart devices could help you start to or continue your health grind?


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