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Today, like every month, we present to you the digital projects that have made the news in the last few weeks. This month in particular, we present to you a Facebook innovation and two apps adapted for smart phones.

Facebook Spaces, a new way for long distance communication

Oculus RiftHTC Vive are the others apart of the multimedia landscape, which makes sense to see the big players doing the same. Facebook is presently developing their own version of the tool, Facebook Spaces.

This will allow all VR headset owners to interact, over a long distance, with up to four friends in a common space using virtual reality.

Capture d’écran 2017-05-10 à 17.33.26

Each participant will see themselves represented by an avatar generated by Facebook. Yes for now, Facebook uses avatars to represent us, because the time of body projections is not yet here. But they are realistic enough and are based on a series of profile pictures from your Facebook page.

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The users can henceforth have the sensation to find themselves REALLY next to their interlocutor(s). The avatars look cartoonish but that is quickly forgotten by the magic of the operating VR head set.

The virtual reality app is free ..but not entirely free. Actually, for those on board with the digital revolution of long distance communication, you will need to equip yourself with a VR Oculus Rift and a joystick Oculus Touch (pack Rift + Touch : 708€), also property of the giant American corporation, I see the catch now !

See for yourself, the optimal experience is possible with this innovation made by Facebook :


Wingman, the app that puts your friends to work

Are you shy, lazy or an introvert ? This app is made for you !

The concept is simple, you want to find the love of your life (or not ) but you, for some reason, want to delegate the work ? Entrust your friends with this task !


Forget about Tinder, grinder, hppn, gleeden and all those other ones ending with « er » or « en ». Wingman will make your friends heroes of the night (or for a lifetime who knows).

From the moment, you accept to give this annoying task to your friends, all that is left to do is wait. Your « wingman » (the term used for the co-pilot that accompanies you out) will start by picking a photo together, will describe you, and will open up a dialogue with people that will in return judge your match. If the profile that he or she targets responds positively, it’s now your time to shine, your wingman will take things into their own hands. Come on we can’t do it all !

Wingman is an rather funny app, that is a blend of challenge with an eco-boost. It’s a good way to determine how well your friends know your tastes ! We recommend that you do not choose your co-pilot in a hurry.



This app is not yet available in France, but they won’t make us wait much longer. ( A Beta version is offered now for those who are impatient).

Cooking without dirtying your smartphone is now possible!

The German brand Dr. Oetcker collaborated with the agency BBDO Dusseldorf and had the genius idea of creating a recipe app called the Backen, that can function from a distance.

Recipe apps and cooking websites are more and more common, the problem of dirtying the screen was starting to get out of hand.

How does it work ? Very simply by using the smartphone camera that captures the hand movements.


BBDO Dusseldorf has made life easier and explains everything, from the downloading to using the app all in the video below !





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