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Today, like every month, we present to you the digital projects that have made the news in the last few weeks. This month in particular, we present to you three projects that are pretty cool: Google AutoDraw, the Ford Smart crib, and recruitment on Snap Chat at Australia’s McDonald.

Google AutoDraw turns you into a real artist!

Autodraw Google

Do you not know how to draw? Now you do!

With AutoDraw, Google has today launched themselves into art and makes your artist dreams come true.

The goal?  Transform your honorary 4-year-old like doodles into a harmonious drawing. Indeed, two little circles with a line in the middle instantly becomes a nice bike! Fantastic, right?

How does it work ?  

On a blank page, with your finger or your mouse, you draw an object. Google then suggests several choices, which one resembles your drawing the most (it is accompanied by a little star). And it’s really good at it, usually the small drawing with the star is right ! You make your choice based on the suggestions and then you can edit the colors, the background, add shapes then download your masterpiece : the drawing is yours !

Like usual, Google anticipates your needs, your demands, and creates a specific software to simplify your life (they not so bad after all !). Here, Google uses a powerful image recognition software that can identify shapes just as well as images or objects.

AutoDraw by QuickDraw

Auto Draw, is Quick Draw’s baby, launched last year by Google. Quick Draw is a website that uses Google’s artificial intelligence to recognize your drawings in 20 seconds

Having difficulty picturing the steps ? Take a look :


Autodraw is available on phone, desktop, or iPad. To try it out, click here !

And what if you got recruited via Snapchat ?

Pour info, "Macca’s" c'est l’équivalent de notre "Domac" français
Pour info, “Macca’s” c’est l’équivalent de notre “Domac” français

Why not just send a snap instead of a CV ? It would be so much more practical ! Not one not two, the Australian MacDonald’s is on it !

For the employer their future employees, the fast food giant hits hard and launches a recruitment campaign. The brand is looking for where the youngsters are hiding… on Snapchat of course !

In Australia, the social network exceeds the 4 million active users of which are 60 % of 18 to 34 year olds. This is a true opportunity for the brand that employs 106 000 people in Australia of which 65 % of them are less than 18 years old (= the Snapchat target)

Certainly, the concept is taking off with the youth, especially since they are addicted to their cellphones and apps.

How does it work ? 

It’s common knowledge that in an interview, it all plays out in the first few seconds.

McDonald’s Australia sure understands that. In effect, the candidates have exactly 10 seconds to introduce themselves, show their personality, and convince them via video capture (you might have 83 takes before sending it) !

What are they looking for ? «A positive attitude, bubbly, someone who can excel in a service role with customers» according to COO Shaun Ruming.

To save their message, the brand created a special filter specifically for recruitment that allows candidates to virtually wear the MacDonald’s uniform. It’s an occasion to walk in the shoes of an employee !

snapchat mcdo recrutemet

But in reality, this is only a first step before a typical formal recruitment interview where the candidate is brought to a web platform. In short, it’s just a smart way to attract candidates and then take a pick 😉

So, we can imagine (and hope for) wait impatiently for the France arrival and at other brands ! Who will be the first to conquer the digital natives ?

PS:  For info, « Macca’s » is equivalent to the French « Domac »! 

Source : Usine Digitale

Ford creates a Smart Crib that mimics car rides

Max motors Ford

Let’s give some context. Sunday night, 2 am and putting the baby to sleep is impossible. After 15 lullabies, 6 bed time stories, and 2 bottles, you are fed up. How will sleep ever come ?!

We know all the car virtues to put babies to sleep. Ford has pushed the concept even further and invented a Smart Crib so they pass out in your arms in less than 10 seconds ! Its name ? Max Motor Dreams !

What does it consist of ? 

The Max Motor Dreams has incredible technology that reproduces the sensation of a car ride : sound of the engine, gentle rocking of the road, lights that glow softly, everything is there. The crib offers a total immersion, just as if you were driving.

In effect, it is composed of a rocking (to mimic the movement), speakers (to give off the hum of the engine) and LED lights (to propel the urban lights).

How does it work?


The concept is simple : via the Max Motor app, you save your car rides. With the help of the gyroscope and the speed odometer on your phone, each element of sound and visual is recorded and sent directly to the baby’s crib to create that atmosphere of a car ride to help with falling asleep !

By creating this crib, Ford moves in on Parents and their priorities. Can you fall asleep in a Ford ? Let’s keep up that comfort till home to rock-a-bye baby to sleep !

At the start, the crib was created by Ford to promote its family range C-Max and S-Max. In the end, the brand became apart of the Baby Tech industry !

However, the industrialization of this crib was not approved for the long-term Spanish campaign. Although, it constitutes for us an interesting economic opportunity.

To discover more on the Smart Crib here :

See you in May for our new digital projects !



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