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Translated from initial publication by Marie PB February 8th, 2017 in Social media

Today, like every month, we bring you the digital projects that impacted the news in recent weeks. This month, we will expose you to 3 very different projects: DADAMoney’s financing platform, Snickers and gamification and Fred and its digital box… let’s begin!

DADAMoney, Innovative Financial Information Platform


Proposed by the digital communications agency, Kaizeen, situated in Milan, this innovative financial platform is designed to gather all the information you are looking for in the financial field in one place. In video format, you can access a large quantity of information. The advantage? It’s free and it’s qualitative! As a matter of fact, information is collected directly from publishers and financial companies. DADAMoney is a meeting point; an aggregator that gives you access to the best financial information for free. For example, information deals with bank news, asset management or insurance. “How do you invest today?” is one of the site’s strong themes.

The goal of the platform? Inform investors, bankers, advisors (financial or other) or simple curious visitors. On their site, you can find videos on finance, political investment and economy and the market.

Via the <<DADAMoney Events>> section, the platform offers roadshows, conferences or webinars in the world of finance of which you can participate!

A first in the finance sector!

To find out more, visit their site here: http://dadamoney.com/

Snickers Takes a Turn towards Gamification

snickers gamification

Snickers’ latest digital operation, named “Stop the Hunger”, the title is self-explanatory, says: “You’re not you when you’re hungry.”

This time, Snickers decided to ride the gamification wave. For this, the chocolate bar brand transformed its pre-roll advertising format into video games.

The goal of this amusing idea? To bolster YouTube users’ engagement.

In this game, we see an angry bus driver annoyed by cyclists, grandmothers crossing the street or children’s cries. This sets the context. Only a Snickers can calm him down.

Now, the game begins on your screen. Your character is driving the bus, time passes and a mood gage appears above his head. Your goal? Give Snickers to your bus driver to calm him down. After a short moment, that’s it, your Snickers stock has run out. You then discover a resurrected character. Bar of chocolate in hand, he is serene, happy and smiling.

Here, the video game codes are respected: simple hyper-pixelated graphics, irregular music (which gets stuck in your head) from the Zelda or Mario Kart genre, and uses a geeky little font; very kitch with flash colors… we approve!

We imagine that this advertising will work particularly well with the youth; the biggest consumers of video games!

The two versions of the game (one with a bus driver and the other with a tennis player) are seen just here:

So, we would like to ask you a small question: what is the future of gamification?

Source : Creapills

Fred the Jeweler Invents a Digital Jewelry Box

l'atelier fred

With its new digital box, the very famous jeweller ‘Fred’ revisits the luxury codes to lead them a little bit more towards “custom-made.”

It’s a bold stance for a jewelry brand as prestigious as this, but very modern and innovative. A way to re-think custom-made in the age of personalization.

What does it consist of?

The brand decided to create a digital box, available in-store, allowing personalization and visualization of your <<Force 10>> bracelet, the brand’s flagship product. Thanks to this box, the jeweller’s iconic bracelet will now be available in an infinite number of combinations.

Its name? <<L’Atelier Fred>>. In this name (very well chosen) hides the notion of authenticity, of <<hand-made>> and the impression of delicate and quality work.

As a matter of fact, the brand wants to keep and promote its methods of artisanal work.

This digital box, a delicate and subtle jewel case, aims to offer an unforgettable customer experience and the impression of feeling privileged (what we often times seek to prove to the customer in the luxury world).

How does it work?

To create your bracelet, you must choose the shackle, the cord, the color and the stones to be encrusted (or not). A screen is inserted in the lid to visualize the different possibilities. You choose according to your taste and immediately discover the result and then the price of your assemblage (approximately 1200€ a piece).

Technically, the principle is based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips secreted in cubes (as you see in the picture) that communicate with the bracelet simulator.

In total, you can combine 45 cords and 10 million stones.  With these 450 million possibilities (due to the very large number of colors) you will surely find your happiness, no?

It is also possible to arrive at the store with a color (a favorite sweater, a photo on your phone) and submit it to the box and it can suggest a bracelet in this shade/color!

NB: To avoid color discrepancies between what you see on the screen and what you would like in real life, the company gives you a sample before you leave. Awesome!

The Goal of this Manœuvre ?

To offer Fred’s customers a unique bracelet, that looks like no other. With this unprecedented concept, the brand wishes to <<add emotion to the experience compared to an online purchase>> and <<create the equivalent of a Shazam of color>>.

Where to find it?  

Since January 27th, this fabulous digital box has been installed in the Fred store on rue de la Paix. It will next be available in April in Cannes, Hong Kong and then later in Japan and in South Korea. What a success!

From a <<drive to store>> perspective, the customer can choose and then visualize their product on the internet and finalize the order in the store. As a matter of fact, the brand wants the customer to be accompanied from A to Z, guided in their choice and advised by a Fred seller. The in-store experience therefore remains very important.

To give you a more precise idea of the concept, we suggest you watch the short video below:

Source : Usine Digitale

See you soon for new digital projects in March!



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