Oh Snap! We Adopted an Abandoned Cat

Last year we rescued a kitten that we affectionately dubbed, Snap le Chat. Feeling particularly pleased with our pun on the social media giant as a name, life with Snap proved to be nothing short of rewarding.

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Straight Outta the Streets

Our loveable feline was rescued ‘straight outta the streets’ of Nanterre at the end of summer 2016 by Emeline Bus-Ibanez, our artistic director. She found him abandoned in a box at the tender age of two months. Knowing he wouldn’t survive on his own much longer, she took the emaciated cat to the office in the hopes that someone would adopt him. She could never have imagined the loving reception he would receive. No one could part with him and thus, he was adopted… by the entire agency! He has found several loving homes with Be Angels employees who take turns taking him home and caring for him. He’s now the official company mascot.
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However, not all abandoned animals’ stories have Snap’s happy ending. France has a documented history of animal abandonment, especially in the summer due to owners not wanting to pay for kennel stays while away on holiday. France is the European leader of both animal ownership AND abandonment. Organisations around the country do their best to collaborate and save these adorable fur bundles from the harsh Parisian streets. Be Angels is happy to be part of the community making a small difference. Capture d’écran 2017-01-25 à 16.16.00       source: chb44.com


Saving one animal from homelessness won’t change the world, but it changes that animal’s world. If you find an abandoned animal, you can take it to one of the many Société Protectrice des Animaux (SPA) locations and protect a furry life.

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