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Translated from initial publication by Marie PB on 12 janvier 2017 in Social media

Every month, we bring you the digital projects that impacted the news in recent weeks. And this month, we present you with 2 projects: Pernod Ricard’s cocktail library and the non-virtual reality headset with, in addition, a mini retrospective of the most recent digital projects.

Pernod Ricard’s connected cocktail library

Pernod-Ricard-bibliothèque-cocktailsSource: L’Usine Digitale

After some laborious work and lots of study on the subject, the concept has finally been launched! Presented at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, The Connected Cocktail Library <<Opn>> go and see for yourself.

What is Opn?

Opn is a cocktail of connected libraries. Inspired by the piano cocktail from <<The Fog of Days>> by Boris Vian, it was imagined by the BIG (Breakthrough Innovation Group) Pernod Ricard Group’s innovation unit. Opn was born of the <<Gutenberg>> project an intelligent minibar with a library design. This minibar is comprised many volumes containing various alcohols of the group (Havana Club, Chivas, Absolut Vodka…). These volumes are organised on a sort of tray connected to your tablet that can suggest more than 300 cocktail recipes to you based on these flagship alcohols. Unparalleled recipes were created for the occasion.

How does it work?

The connected tray on which the volumes are placed is recognised by a chip NFC (Near Field Communication) which contains and automatically calculates the alcohol levels remaining. Each volume is equipped with a pouring spout so that you can, like draft beer on tap, easily refill your glass. When you wish to refill your glass, the right volume (refills the chosen alcohol) then a little light blinks until the correct dosage is reached. A very clever way to avoid pouring too much.

The connected cocktail library is associated with a mobile app that guides you (in real time and with photos) in the preparation of your cocktails.

To do what?

The objective of this ingenious concept? <<Invent the future of conviviality>> in the words of these leaders. The goal is therefore new consumption experiences and convivial moments at home are always more personal. In fact, the application progressively memorises the users tastes and proposes cocktails in accordance with their preferences.

The Opn site will be conceived like a real social network and will publish articles and videos with the goal of sharing the different user experiences.

How to get a hold of one?

The concept was thought of to enable you to do everything without leaving home (or almost)! In fact, the consumer orders their 70cl refills on the internet and receives them directly in their letter box. On the same principle as the <<Dash Button>>, the link between the consumer and the customer is direct, no more need to go through a distributer.

The product is still in the test phase (in 5 European cities and notably in Paris) but its commercialisation is scheduled for 2018.

In conclusion, we can say that Pernod Ricard has the jump on its competitors by riding the customization and home delivery wave. This particularly innovative connected cocktail library, is a real break in the spirits industry.

A little presentation video below:

Source: L’Usine Digitale

Tinder and its non-VR headset

tindervrSource: Creapills

Is the virtual reality dredge really possible?

Possible or not, Tinder imagined it and by positioning itself rightly opposed to the <<virtual reality>> buzz in which many other brands are jumping on the bandwagon. You will understand why shortly.

Presented at the Las Vegas CES (Consumer Electronics Show), <<Tinder VR>> was a sensation. As you can see in the short video presentation below, the concept is simple to understand.

Very easy use, this very special virtual reality headset <<date>> is worn by two. Each one looks from their side of the headset and looks each straight in the eyes. And then…

STOP! Don’t expect anything from this headset, it’s a hoax!

Yes, you understand this is a fake virtual reality headset designed for the purpose of showing us how real the dates are.

The idea is being spoken about on the internet with the hashtag #TinderVR. It can be good publicity for matchmaker brands.

And as a bonus… A mini retrospective of 2016!

Finally, to end off we wish to give you a little reminder of 3 digital projects that have particularly marked us at the end of 2016. If you missed it, it’s time to get caught up.

  • AMAZON GO: the supermarket of the future that allows you to leave with your shopping without having to go through a checkout, read about it here.


  • FNAC: #Pourvuquilpleuve, the FNAC operation that allows you to benefit from reductions according to the weather (the more it rained, the bigger the reduction). Provided that they quickly put up the #Pourvuquilneige in the days to come! Read about it here.


  • ADIDAS x SNAPCHAT: In a well thought out partnership that allows users of the social network to design their own line of clothes for the large sportswear chain! The best designers were able to see create their collections with the brand <<for real>>! Discover here.


See you soon for new digital projects in February!


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