Twitter Revisits the Notion of Plagiarism

Translated from initial publication by Guillaume Titus-Carmel on in Social media

Would social networks not just be the natural progression derived from a human’s soul? Plagiarism i.e. counterfeiting literary content is not a new trend. We assist by moving our cursors on social networks…

Keep in mind that Twitter is a social network that allows you to inform, be informed, share, joke or submit programmes like Eurovision’s that are amusing to watch.

It also reveals real talent that handle the 140 characters like a humorous, philosophical, artistic weapon… Yes, Twitter defends a certain idea of perfection: turning chiselled, bounce back on real news, witty humour… all the language tools and comprehension of the news make this social network a veritable goldmine. But, everything is not all roses, the Twitter community is full of users and accounts that plagiarise tweets with specific goals. Returning to this not so insignificant phenomenon…


The Importance of the Network Content Filter

I like following these funny, quirky and intelligent accounts that deal with the French language and comply with the binding Twitter format. I am envious of their talent and humour. Therefore, I am happy to retweet.

In a diametrically opposed sense, others go a step further by simply copying and pasting tweets (spelling mistakes included), in the hopes of scraping some RTs or comments. It’s a bit sad but OK, if it ends there…


Plagiarised Accounts Plagiarise on Twitter

Here we are not talking about a dark net or an occult network but rather, of a non-negligible <<large>> Twitter account that operates in this way. These profiles of impressive stats, mostly <<teen>> are supposed to be fun and funny. It’s far from reassuring. Upon clicking on these accounts, we land on a string of tweets (often very basic) to a large number of RTs.

Copy and paste one of these tweets (entirely or partially) in the search bar and be astonished by the number of accounts that have already tweeted the exact same thing, it’s amazing. Here is a selection of Twitter plagiarizers that represent an actual current in the network use:


Certain accounts will change a number, a comma or make an abbreviation in the original tweet <<personalise>> the plagiarism, but it’s just a detail…


guillaume 2guillaume


At the discretion of our Twitter navigators, we have all fallen in one of these genres of accounts already.


The Plagiarised Accounts: Significant Experience Feedback

 Coincidentally, it happens that I had to confront one of the tweeters who had the strange idea of creating an account exclusively for tweeting my photomontages – without crediting me, of course. To be fair, he did make some creative effort: he created his twitter banner and profile picture with my #CroisonsLes.

Anyway, many times I engaged him and asked him to stop. And then, surprise: he responded. I took this opportunity to ask him the reason for this “hobby”, his response stunned me. He does it “for money”. In fact, he accumulates many accounts with numerous followers that are self-promoting.

In total, he claims a “community” of 2 million followers, and profits from this audience by broadcasting ads from companies.


The Crook of this Type of Plagiarism on Twitter

But another source of revenue is even more crazy. In fact, on Twitter, these same guys proposition themselves to smaller tweeters to captivate their audience for a small fee and retweet or get them mentioned by one (or more) big twitter accounts belonging to them.

Thus, for a reasonable fee, some get retweeted or complimented by big accounts, for a bit of visibility.


The Origin of this Trend

 For some time, I’ve been running my little “investigation” to see how far plagiarism will go and where they get their sources. So, just out of curiosity, I clicked on “”, to uncover who is hiding behind it all:

  • I was immediately redirected to a Snapchat account, which I’m not on (I love having some time to live a little, regardless).
  • My curiosity pushed me to go and see if the alias Snapchat account was on Twitter: yes, it is, even twice!
  • I am aware of some tweets. As usual they are basic tweets and boosted with RTs. But this time it is written moderately well. Like a little thing that’s wrong…
  • Then, I tested one thing, just to see. And here I discovered another type of plagiarism: people who take English tweets and translate them.

guillaume 6

guillaume 3 guillaume 4 guillaume 5

And there it is, the beginning of the chain link of global plagiarism which is all the rage on Twitter…




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