A Futsal Team is Born

Translated from initial publication by Herve Kabla on December 14th, 2016 in Autre

In the life of a company, there are particular moments, whose flavor is exquisite and undefinable. This is what transpired in the last few weeks, with Be Angels attaining an astonishing 6th place in the mini futsal championship called #LigueDeLaPub. More precisely, 5th with Ex-aequo and Publicis Conseil but 6th in goal difference.


The Be Angels United football club logo (BAUF, yes). The jerseys are sold in the store.

The Be Angels United football club logo (BAUF, yes). The jerseys are sold in the store. We had quite a terrible start to the championship: 7 matches, 7 defeats, and some were quite the thrashings. It’s true that our players progressed together for the first time. It’s true that we have less manpower than companies like Publicis Conseil, TBWA/Corporate, TBWA\Paris or Havas SE. It is true the first injuries happened early on in the season.


Finishing between Publicis Conseil and TBWA/Corporate; that rocks, right?                           But there was a turning point in this tournament: October 31st marked our first victory, extreme tackles and struggling against TBWA/Corporate the most approachable of the other seven contenders. This was followed by another victory again Reepost and another match against Publicis Conseil this time. And last match against Buzzman, lost 9-5, but only in the second half where we conceded our 4-3 lead to the team that finished in first place. For the result details, click here.

In the end, four victories, three on the Five pitch, Porte d’Aubervilliers, and one per package. No need for any fanfare, of course. But great pride: that of having taken a group to the end of a somewhat intense project. In a structure that counts a minority of guys, some of whom hate football, with one player living in Calais and so on, the prospect of gathering 6 to 7 players every Monday night was definitely not an easy task. But, on-boarding girl players, making them evolve, and uniting a team of supporters to cheer us on until the end; that is unique.

So, I would like to thank here I would like to thank all those who participated during these fourteen evenings. Lady footballers first; Emeline and Tendayi. The male players next; Thomas, Vincent, Kevin, Théo, Aurélien, Sebastien, Yann, Jeremy, Steven et Julien. Thomas and Kevin, your idea to play at the back was brilliant! And finally, thank you to all the supporters that came one night or more: Pauline, Anaïs, Melissa, Anna, Raïssa, Lauren, Adèle and the #MeufDeFoot Emilie. A special mention to Ranitea, whose Facebook Live posts made me laugh. Unfortunately, we will not participate in the coming season starting soon.  Between injuries, departures and difficulty fielding a stable team for the following weeks. But, Mathieu Etienne… we’ll be back, that’s a promise. And decidedly, Be Angels is a Great Place to Work!


Yes, at Be Angels we have lady players and they are talented!


Ah, victory, it’s fetching on you…


Tendayi Chirawu

Community Manager

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