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Translated from initial publication by Marie PB on 14 December, 2016 in Social media

Every month, we bring you the digital projects that impacted the news in recent weeks. And this month, the digital news roster is packed! Between the Prada virtual reality experience, the ‘Time is Precious’ campaign by Nike or Amazon’s supermarket of the future… there is something for everyone!

Prada X Prada or the Absolute Virtual Reality Experience


For the first time in its history, the celebrity Italian brand launched its first virtual reality experience. This, totally interactive and innovative experience, has occurred to launch the brand’s two new masculine and feminine perfumes.

This 10-minute film, represents the allegory of being human, the user embarks on different experiences through various scenes. Everything is there: collages, optical illusions, reflections, distractions, infinity effects and grandeur all offer the user an unusual interactive experience. In this extraordinary world, you have access to different enchanting chapters and can explore the multiple facets of the perfume by choosing your own path!

This innovative experience is the result of technical and technological exploits where 3 pillars were combined:

  • Interactivity: the user is at the center of the experience. They create their own path by setting the environment around them. It’s this environment that will unveil different paintings bit by bit illustrating the fragrance facets. The potential painting combinations allow you to display 466 different interactive spaces (so an eye’s tracking in 466 spaces!).
  • 3D stereoscopic (relief) in 4K that allows for an exceptional quality image
  • Spatial Sound: the user is plunged in a sort of audio ball where they can feel the origin of a sound in a 360° environment and judge its position. You’d really think you’re in a cinema!

To give you a bit of an idea, you can check out the video presentation here!

This experience is available on the Prada website, on the following platforms: Oculus, Apple Store and the Play Store and at special points of sale!

Nike Denounces Wasted Time on the Internet


Time is precious, use it wisely… doing sport for example? Voila, this is the message that Nike wants to get across in its new advertising spot christened ‘Time is Precious’.

“Ok, you spent 12h on screens but did you run today?” No, I don’t think so. In this minimalist spot, Nike urges us to run by making us feel somewhat guilty. Here the international brand forces us to face up to and oppose the social networks that monopolise our days today. Refused many times, this simple advertising spot- white text on a black background with no frills- carries a strong message: “look at all the sports you could be doing if you weren’t glued to your screens?” The compelling repetition of the words (‘opinion’, ‘pictures’, ‘someone’ and ‘zombie’) annoys us. They make us realise at what point our activities on social networks can be uninteresting. The voice accelerates, the text accelerates to full speed: the effect is “annoying” and amplified. “Are we running today?” is placed at the end of the ad spot written like the strong message of the campaign. Voilà, we are impacted in 30 seconds.

30 seconds surely isn’t enough to make you understand that time is precious.

30 seconds is just enough for this voice to put you on edge and make you realise how futile your actions on social networks are.

30 seconds is just the amount of time needed to effectively tell you that you’d be better off going running.

Source: Creapills

Amazon Go Creates the Supermarket of the Future


Leave with your groceries without paying? It’s now possible!

Many have thought of it, but Amazon has done it. The supermarket of the future is now at hand and could be summarized as follows: the client arrives, connects, helps themselves, and just before leaving the store, flashes a terminal to pay. As simple as that!

The basis of Amazon? To render your shopping more enjoyable.

But then, how does it work concretely? It’s very simple:

  • You scan your id on the Amazon Go app (via a QR code) upon entering the store
  • You can make your purchases freely
  • You can leave with your shopping without going through the “check-out” phase
  • You receive the balance of your purchases via your smartphone, deducted directly from your account

Finally, Amazon Go has replaced tills and cashiers with capturers and artificial intelligence.

To better understand it, you should know which grocery stores are equipped with numerous detectors and cameras allowing Amazon’s “just walk out” system to be put in place. It’s this system that will continually scan the products that you take off the shelf. And that will remove them from your list when you put them back on the shelf. Thanks to this traceability system managed by computer, the American giant continuously knows what you are about to buy and updates your virtual shopping cart.

Once you leave the store, the bill is sent to your Amazon account and is subsequently deducted from your bank account.

What do we gain?

Today the world turns at 1000 an hour, just like its inhabitants. Amazon Go therefore responds to the problem of generations Y and Z: lack of time, mobile and always in a hurry. With Amazon Go, gone are the never-ending queues at check-outs!

Will it really work?

Evidently, like most of the world, you may be somewhat sceptical about the completion of such a process: how does it identify who’s taking what when a crowd of people is lingering at the same shelf and take the same product?

Amazon doesn’t give out technical information as to how their new innovative system works but it probably revolves around “machine learning” and artificial intelligence.

For now, the first Amazon grocery store in Seattle is still in the beta version being tested by the Amazon employees but, the brand has indicated that they would like to open their grocery store to the public at the beginning of 2017.

If you want to see the presentation video, here it is:




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