Be Angels is Officially a Great Place to Work

Translated from initial publication by Anaïs Berno November 9, 2016 in Événements

Last night the Great Place to Work® award ceremony took place for the first time for companies with less than 50 employees. Be Angels did quite well and took 12th place in the final ranking…


Great Place to Work

For those who don’t know, The Great Place to Work Institute, has been around since 1992 and is in 50 countries, it follows companies and helps them sustainably transform their work environments via three occupations: the diagnosis (employee survey and analysis of managerial practices), advice and training. They publish the top companies that are great places to work annually in partnership with le Figaro Economy.

Until now all company categories of more than 50 employees and of more than 500 employees were combined but, since this year Great Place to Work puts the spotlight on the little guys of today that will make companies big tomorrow through the quality of their work environment by creating a list of less than 50 employees.

Here are the winners of the 2016 first edition:


Be Angels, The Company that’s a Great Place to Work

If the study conducted internally helps us to know what we should work on so our team feels even better, the survey revealed (even if we don’t doubt it) that Be Angels is already a company where it is great to work.

In fact, we have a new office space, we go abroad, we take part in the Advertising soccer league every Monday night, and during the week we love organising a night out among ourselves and recently we were able to adopt a cat!

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So, if our company makes you want to come, follow us on our networks and come see us at 110, our door is always open!


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