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Translated from initial publication by Marie PB November 3, 2016 in  Social media

Every month, we bring you the digital projects that impacted the news in recent weeks. In October between FNAC, SNCF and a special Instagram application, there is something for everyone!

FNAC is going to Make You Love the Rain

It’s raining buckets and you have no desire to go out. You’re thinking of only one thing: staying in bed under the covers with a good film! So be it! FNAC has bounced back on this situation and brought us THE solution.

To mark the release of its video on demand service “VOD Fnac Play”, FNAC is going to flood you with promotions that play on weather! The principle is simple: the more time the weather sucks, the less expensive prices are. In other words: a lot of rain = low prices = videos in bed!

Launched on October 24th to November 13th, 2016, FNAC’s first marketing campaign, dubbed #pourvuquilpleuve, takes the form of a geolocalized promotional campaign.

The basis of the campaign is simple: increase awareness in an already very competitive field.

But concretely, how does it work?

It’s easy! Simply geolocate on the dedicated mini site

Depending on your location and the weather where you are when you connect, the site will suggest certain films for you at a reduced price of -10% when it is sunny out and at -50% when the storm is rolling in.

Thanks to FNAC, you are going to love rainy days!




                    Source : Creapills et planpubregulier

SNCF Created its “Social Room”


After social media and social walls, comes Social Rooms!

Kézako ?

A Social Room- it’s a locale specifically dedicated to the management of social networks and equipped with multiple screens where you can scroll through posts and diverse conversations relative to the brand in real time.

Situated at the SNCF headquarters and unveiled on October 11th, this room was specially conceived for the brand’s social networks. What’s the purpose of such a device for SNCF? It’s the best way to satisfy the customer in response to their questions.

The Social Room was launched with the campaign: #DemandezAuCM which was a challenge to the brand’s community managers. With the aim of proving the reactivity and the creativity of SNCF, this campaign was a great success with more than 7000 message exchanges and more than 600 published responses on the Social Room on launch day.

And it works! Every day, the SNCF Social Room generates 1600 reactions on all social networks combined. 60% of the dialogue maintained with SNCF customers relates to schedules, traffic or after service sales and 40% is relative to the trip experience in the broadest sense of the term.

How does it work?  

On their Twitter account @SNCF, the company offers “a unique point of entry” on the different social networks to facilitate customer experience. This unique point of entry spreads the messages received by the right contact person based on the field of expertise: information traffic, customer service or conversations about the brand. As a result personnel is very reactive and bring a fairer and more targeted response to their contact person.

And technically, who is behind it?

Twelve people with complementary skills sets respond to internet users all day from 7h to 22h. Community managers, digital or creative project managers; very many internet professions are represented. Each works independently or in pairs for a more personalised, qualitative and creative (GIF, animation, infographic…) response.

According to the SNCF communications and information director in an interview with Frenchweb, Christophe Fanichet, “the Social Room is an extremely efficient tool that enables better understanding and analysis of customer expectations in order to create positive conversations around the SNCF experience”.

By further facilitating the link between customers and the brand through the Social Room, SNCF is taking an additional step in its digital strategy.

For more explanations, you can watch this short video presentation just here!



   Source : Frenchweb and moderator Blog

Never Lack Inspiration for your Instagram Tags!

You’ve just taken a cute photo with your smartphone and you go to Instagram to post it for the enjoyment of your followers. Sadly, you find that once again you have no inspiration when it comes time to post. What can I write to go with this photo? Which hashtags should I use?

Stop everything! We have the solution to overcome this inspirational breakdown: the Magnify app!

The primary goal of this app is to give you visibility! In helping you find your key words (maximum 30), the app takes advantage of the fact that your photo is being seen by as many people as possible. Indeed, the more hashtags you add, the more visible your photo will be.

How do you use it?

Simply download the app and type the word “magnify_” then, follow the name of the category that corresponds to your photo (magnify_travel, beauty, shop, nature, animal etc.). Child’s play, is it not?

So if you want to save time and gain influence, this app is for you! Like Cristina says: “It’s simply MA-GNI-FYYYYYYYYYYYYKKKK!”

Caution: available on Android only, in the free version for planning posts and the paid version (4,79€) for tag optimisation. Go here to install!

appli-magnifyTo see how it really works, here is a quick video

Source: Blog du modérateur 


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