Snapchat User Guide: 5 Basic Steps on How to Snap

Translated from initial publication by Baptiste Pommier “Snapchat : Le guide d’utilisation en 5 étapes!” 10  in Social mediaTechno


After the Snapchat presentation, here’s the user guide to become an expert on this application.

How do you take videos? Activate filters? Replay a snap? We answer all these questions in today’s article. Happy reading!


1/ The Structure of Snapchat

First of all, you must familiarize yourself with the structure of the application. Here are some screenshots that show you the Snapchat tree structure to help you:

arborescence-snapchat-2From right to left: Chat/History/Photo and Video/Stories


2/ How to take a photo or video on Snapchat

The basis of Snapchat is, of course, to take photos and videos. And yes, for this it’s very simple, you immediately go directly to the right place when you open the app. Simply push this symbol to take a photo: snapchat-photo

To take a video, you simply have to press and hold your finger on the first symbol until you see a red line like this snapchat-video which indicates that the video is saving:

Once the video or photo is captured, you can customise it: designs, texts, emojis… You can create little works of art on your photos if you take the time! Careful, Snapchat is very time consuming ;).


3/ The Snapchat filters

Another element that contributes to the success of Snapchat: is the filters. Initially it was just light modification filters (as seen below) then, recently new filters that changed faces appeared with very ridiculous special effects!

filtres-snapchatLight filters on Snapchat


To activate these filters, nothing is simpler, on the photo capture interface, drag the page down.  A new page appears next, press the axle nut parametres to access the settings, then in <<More Options>> select <<Manage>> and activate the filters! Once activated, to apply them, you must take a photo and then drag your screen to the left or right to merge them with your photo.


There also exist permanent features to invert the direction of a video (a video can therefore start at the end), a slow-motion and a fast-forward. To see all that these features have to offer, not to ruin the surprise, we will let you discover them on your own. And if you are very curious, have a look at Google images.


For the filters that change the face, simply focus on a face with your phone and hold your finger down on the screen depending on where the person’s head is. Here’s an example of filters for the face (thank you to Kanye West for his participation):

filtres-visageFilters that change the face on Snapchat


And like we said earlier, Snapchat takes your geolocation into account. This grants you custom filters like this one.

thumbs-up                                                               The Boulogne-Billancourt Filter


4/ How do you replay a snap?

To replay a <<snap>> because you didn’t have time to see what it was properly, or you simply forgot to activate the sound, if it is a video (never forget to activate the sound), the action is simple but you have to be quick.


After having received the photo or video that you want to replay you return to the History page of sent snaps. You have 10 seconds to quickly press down the icon of the snap you want to replay: photo or video.


Nevertheless, your friends’ stories belonging to them, or even your own, are visible as many times as you wish, for 24hours.


5/ What do the Snapchat pictograms mean?


Snapchat accounts for a huge number of pictograms, and it is true that the user could quickly get lost because they are unable to understand what they mean?


First we find these after taking a photo:

snapchat-minuteur Your photo will appear between 1 and 10 seconds, according to your choice

enregistrer-le-snap You can save your photo/video

ajouter-a-la-story-2 Put your photo/video in story

envoyer-le-snap Send your photo/video to your friends

For all the others, don’t panic, we will explain in an infographic:



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