October Digital Projects

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Every month, we present the digital projects that impacted the news in recent weeks: Adidas, Monopoly and McDonalds or even Smash; there’s one for all tastes!

Adidas x Snapchat: reveal your artistic soul!

Take note of the devoted fan’s opinion!

In collaboration with Snapchat, the three striped brand offers its fans a chance to design their next collection on the famous social network!

What’s the basis of the project for Adidas? To awaken the artist in you, to include their community and to get us talking about them and create buzz!

Are you creative? Love designing? Then taking part is very simple:

  • Add the adidasneo account on Snapchat
  • Select a model from the story
  • Take a screenshot of the chosen model (already wearing an all-white Adidas outfit)
  • Design your own clothes over it

Unusual patterns, loud colors, dots, stars, hearts; everything is allowed!

Results? Adidas will choose 4 lucky participants and their creations will become real commercial products.

To give you a more precise idea of this cool project, here are some videos below presenting it:


Source: http://creapills.com/

McDonalds and Monopoly launch into Augmented reality

Throughout your childhood, did you ever collect McDonalds thumbnails to win prizes? Today, in Austria, McDonalds pushes this experience even further and developed a partnership with monopoly to create an augmented reality (yes, the same uses as for Pokemon Go (our Pokemon article here !)


The principle is simple: simply download the application and scan the thumbnail code on the cup with your smartphone. Incredible! The game board launches around you. Next, simply touch a card to instantly discover what you’ve won! There are many prizes (tablets, trips, headphones…) to be won.

Now the question we are asking is: when will it launch in Europe?


Source:  leblog.wcie.fr


The Most Useful Site of the Month: Smash

You know We Transfer? Today, we make you discover Smash. Smash is a new way to send documents for free, simultaneously and without any size limitations! Plus, the files stay on the internet for 7 days. Your receiver has a week to open them! It is biiiiiiiiiiiiig!


The +: everything is put in place to facilitate the transfer and do it very quickly!

It’s also possible for you to preview the files before opening them.

And cock-a-doodle-doo… it’s French!

So, do you want to try it? Here it is: https://www.fromsmash.com/ !

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