Instagram: Presenting the Application in 3 Questions!

Translated from original publication “Instagram: présentation de l’appli en 3 questions!” by Marie PB  in Social media


You probably know Instagram, the photo social network that has celebrities hyped? Today, we decided to clearly and simply present it to you in 5 steps! We will explain the features and functionalities of the app.


1/ Instagram: What is it?

Instagram is a social network for photos. Very easy to use, simply take a photo with your smartphone and post it on the social network so that all the people who follow you (your “followers”) can see it.

Created in 2010 and named “application of the year” in 2011 by Apple, the Instagram app knew how to get people talking about it!

Today, Instagram has 500 million members; approximately 85 million direct users.

To give you an idea, Insta (yes, that’s its nickname) in numbers is:

  • 30 billion shared photos
  • 2,5 billion “likes” every day
  • 70 million photos shared everyday
  • 46% of its users follow brands
  • 70% of the French members connect to the app at least once a day
  • A user follows an average of 134 people

(Source: Le blog du modérateur)


2/ How does it work?

Like Facebook, you have a sort of wall where you publish all your photos. Your “followers” will see your photos appear on their Instagram news feed (the equivalent of the home page on Facebook). There are therefore many possibilities. ‘Like’ your photo by clicking the little heart beneath it or comment. All the comments are shown below the photo from most to least recent.

What’s the main advantage of Insta? The possibility to edit your photos thanks to the many filters. You often get to see high quality photos.

There are two types of uses and users of the app. Those that use it simply to edit their photos and those that display their personal lives. It’s up to you to decide how you want to use the app.


How it works in 4 steps

1) The buttons

bande-instagramIn order of appearance:

  • The house means home. When you press it you land on your news feed page. You can therefore see all the photos published by your friends and followers in chronological order of publication.
  • The magnifying glass is the search bar. You can use it when you are looking for an account or a hashtag (#) for example.
  • The camera button allows you to take a photo.
  • The heart allows you to see who liked or commented on your photos and your contacts’ activities.
  • The last button, the person, is your personal profile. You can have a look at all the photos you’ve published in the past at the same time.


2) Look for accounts

If you look for an account (of a friend or an official account), simply enter it in the little magnifying glass and type in keywords i.e. name or nickname of the friend or the hashtag (#) for your search.

NB: a nickname can start with an ‘@’, like they do on Twitter

looking-on-insta                   Source:


When you have found the account you want, you just have to click “Follow”. You will therefore have access to the photos on this account.

3) Take a photo

To take a photo, nothing could be easier. Click the camera button, in the middle at the bottom of your screen. A menu will then be displayed and you can choose from 3 options:

  • The Gallery lets you select a photo from your personal photo gallery,
  • The Photo mode allows you to take a photo in passing with an application,
  • The Video mode also lets you film (short, 60 seconds) via the application. 

Confirm your choice with the blue arrow on the top right.

And the holy grail has arrived! The best part of Instagram: the filters! And there’s enough to entertain yourself with all 40 of them!

You can therefore select one of the filters at the bottom of the screen and make small touch-ups (lighting, contrast).



And voilà! Your photo is ready to be published.

4) Stories

They are now almost everywhere on the social network! Born on Snapchat (presented here) they are now available on many social networks, of which Instagram is the most recent. The stories, are your little stories; short moments captured and shown together to your contacts, without preselection. Like a “message group”, you send the photo or video you just took to all your followers.

Launched in August 2016, Instagram “Stories” counts 100 million users today.

stories instagramSource:


Not to panic- if you would like more information, “Stories” will be the subject of an entire article next time.


3/ Insta: Why is it such a success?

You’ve certainly asked the question: why so much hype for this social network?

  • In the era of the selfie and of hyper-representation, the photo is king. So inevitably, having a social network uniquely for photos works!
  • The many filters on the application make your photos magnificent. Even the most basic photos can become real works of art. Insta makes you a real artist. And it’s satisfying!
  • The diversity of photos published on Instagram has attracted subscribers. On Insta there’s everything. Ranging from very cute little kittens to fancy cupcakes or Kim K’s manicure at the stunning Norwegian fjord. Yes, we told you, EVERYTHING. And this diversity pleases subscribers.
  • Insta is THE social network for celebrities par excellence. They display what they like, products they use and/or a part of their private lives. In following the account of your favourite singer or actor you get a deeper insight on their personal life. It also makes you sympathise even more with celebrities and makes you like them even more. On their side, celebrities intervene as true influencers who can advise you on this or that product. They are an undeniable advertising conduit.

NB: This year, Selena Gomez has become the most followed personality on Insta with 69,3 million followers!

selfie stars          Source:


So, let’s get on this?


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